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It sounds like “The Wild Robot” offers a heartwarming adventure of survival and connection in the wilderness. I’m sure children will love following Roz’s journey of self-discovery as she navigates the challenges of the uninhabited island.

“Percy Jackson and The Olympians” promises an exciting blend of mythology and adventure, perfect for fans of Rick Riordan’s beloved series. It’s great to hear that Riordan was pleased with how the adaptation turned out, as it’s always important for creators to feel their work has been faithfully represented.

“10 Lives” seems like a fun and imaginative tale about second chances and redemption, centered around a mischievous cat named Beckett. The twist involving Grace granting him another chance at life sounds intriguing!

And for the top 3 magical encounters, each film offers its own unique blend of adventure, suspense, and magic. From protecting kids from spooky monsters to outwitting a wicked witch, these stories are sure to captivate young audiences and spark their imaginations.

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