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Action Zone

Hollywood babes, top action heroes, cars & stunts!

Action Zone is a male-oriented 25-minute TV series that keeps viewers completely up-to-date with the latest movies, mind-boggling special effects, and lots of background info. In each weekly episode, we have the coolest new releases, the world’s biggest premieres, and exclusive interviews where we let the stars tell you exactly why you should watch their new blockbusters. We also have specials on various cinematic themes, like who’s the ultimate superhero, what’s the most awesome fight scene of all times, or who’s the hottest Bond girl.  Action Zone’s ratings continue to rise among male audiences worldwide.

Weekly Programme x 30 minutes


Stars In Style

Discovering the individual Fashion styles and trends of your favorite celebrities.

Stars in Style covers all the important looks and shapes of the biggest celebs. With exclusive material from all the major festivals, fashion shows, and red carpet events, we bring you the latest trends, the biggest do’s and don’ts, celebrity must-haves, and fashion close-ups of the most in-demand it-girls and it-guys. We also feature style experts and we talk to the stars themselves about their biggest fashion hits and flops. Stars in style are the ultimate guide through celebrity fashion.

Finished Series – 65 Episodes x 30 minutes


Movie Reports

Making movies is what Hollywood is really all about. Here is the Report!

Making movies is what Hollywood is really all about, so we examine the hottest new releases, complete with clips and trailers, and we also hear from the stars themselves, as well as the people behind the scenes, to get all the info on each fresh film.

Evergreen short form | 1000 items

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