About us

We create on-screen content for people all over the world, 

touching hearts and uniting minds.


Driven to create next-level media content.

This is the evolution

of a revolutionary brand

Today’s on-screen content market is in a constant quest for attention. Viewers have more options than ever before. But what sets Talpa apart in this quest is our heritage, our craftsmanship and our ability to adapt to a rapidly changing industry. We are driven to create next-level content that connects people both within their homes and around the world.

FCCE is an open creative network with a clear vision on experiences, innovation and IP investment, from creation to global distribution. Partnering with us is like connecting your format to a supercharge battery.

Who we are


Within our Format Lab, we create on-screen content for people all over the world. Our heritage speaks for itself; we understand what drives people and connects local audiences, from touching hearts to uniting minds. With a clear forward focus on creativity, innovation and specialized partnerships, we offer an open network that provides premium players in the industry the chance to collaborate in various stages and forms.

The Engine Room

The Engine Room is our meta- and multidisciplinary internal agency for value-based format engineering. Working alongside the Format Lab, we engineer complete 360 content propositions at an early stage to shape an integral layer around our formats. Everything we do is specifically tailored for each client – meeting the demands of broadcasting, streaming and beyond.

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