Premium Thematic Entertainment Channels

World of Action

Fasten your seatbelts…And get ready! You’re about to enter a World of Action. This is THE place where action lovers live…

Where you can see the most dangerous stunts and witness the biggest explosions…
In World of Action you see all the behind-the-scenes magic, 
and meet all your favorite action stars.

The ultimate action channel showing you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the greatest action films and more.
Don’t miss ‘World of Action’ — THE channel that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat!

24/7 Premium Entertainment Channel (FCCE action shows). 

World of Movies

Imagine a world where everything is possible…. Where the battle between good and evil never seems to stop, and legends are born to meet their fate!

World of Movies is a 24/7 entertainment channel filled with Exclusive Interviews, and all you need to know about the wonderous world of Film.

We are dedicated to bring you the hottest news… Fun to watch Top 3 Countdowns,  Revealing Behind The Scenes Reports and of course all the latest releases.
If you’re all about movies AND everything surrounding them… Don’t miss out on the NEW TV channel the ‘World of Movies’.

24/7 Premium Entertainment Channel (FCCE film shows).

World of Celebrity

We check out the profiles of your favorite stars and keep you glued to the screen.

Get ready for the hottest vibes on the 24/7 entertainment Channel World of celebrities.

We’ve got you covered on the latest celebrity news. Look at how they maintain their sexy bonds. Plus we’ll keep you up to date with the latest fashion trends.
rab a glance at the hottest hunks and Hollywood who fell head over heels for the beauties for everything on the women who rock your screens.

Be sure to check out the new TV channel world of celebrities.

24/7 Premium Entertainment Channel (FCCE celebrity shows).

World of Luxury

Everyone dreams of living like a superstar, but the next best thing is learning how the stars live.

Let us take you on a trip to a World of Luxury, a premium entertainment channel that gives you an exclusive and intimate peek at the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

24/7 we provide you info on how the privileged few like to spend their extravagant lives. What do they do to relax? An update on the hottest food trends. And we’ll tell you all about the most lavish luxuries. We also bring you tips from our panel of experts, and interviews with people who make the products the stars love.
Whether you’re looking for info on the latest fad… the beauty secrets of top actresses… or what your favorite stars do to maintain their amazing shape…

World of Luxury is the entertainment channel that teaches you how to live like a superstar.

24/7 Premium Entertainment Channel (FCCE lifestyle shows).

World of Fashion

Covering all the important looks and shapes of celebrity fashion.

World of Fashion tells you what the stars are wearing at red carpet events, Hollywood premieres, VIP parties, and award shows.

Keep up with the style tips, dazzling outfit beauty secrets, sparkling jewelry. and trendy make-up. Find out what to wear at your next event. And World of Fashion brings you fashion specials, opening the wardrobe on the biggest HOTS… and WHAT NOT to wear…

Who are the most wanted designers? Are bangs back in style? And what kind of jewelry should light up your next outfit?
World of Fashion, the ultimate guide to Hollywood fashion.

24/7 Premium Entertainment Channel (FCCE fashion shows).

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